Saturday, February 19, 2011

Unstable Smoothness

Blog post # 161:
(161 = 7*23.)

Syrup Becoming Clouds

Prehensile Flatness

Grotesque Remorse

Into External Radii

Actually, each one of these picture almost didn't exist. Every one of the last few days I really felt like not making any art, but I made it anyway.


(Well, this anagram isn't worthy of an exclamation point. So, "anagram.", then.)

Sum Of Those Multiplications
It is some plus much, if not a lot.


The new "It'll happen when Hell freezes over":

It'll happen...
..when Justin Bieber grows facial-hair.


This will warm almost every American's heart...


Ah, how sweet. Makes ya' patriotic, doesn't it?

Sorry, pissed about stuff in the news, as you probably have guessed.


No poetry today!!!


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