Sunday, February 27, 2011

Viciously Viscous

Blog post # 163:
(163 = a prime!)

Dream Of Zeroness

Multi-Angular Sap

Counterbalanced By Calculus


Ha! NO anagrams today!

But I DO have poll-results.

Question: Which of these numbers is your favorite?

5 votes total.

"3/2" received 1 vote.
"Pi" and "infinity" were tied for first place, with 2 votes each.
Receiving no votes were -1, 0, 1, 2, 3, and 2pi.


New poll!

Which alliteration is your favorite of these?

Trapezoidal Transvestites
Weird Wires
Perplexingly Perpendicular
Methodical Methodists
Symmetrical Symposium
Maniacally Manhandled
Dichotomous Dictators
Metaphysical Metaphor
Irrelevant Iridescence
Absurdly Abstract


One poem today. Written yesterday.

Trigonometric Syrup

Trigonometric syrup strays
almost from its variation.
It curves and courses into
such balanced asymmetry
Otherwise aperiodic,
otherwise globular. And yet,
Its repetition is round.
Yes, its rotation is
Formulated from this
sweet gunk. But that fluid
Flows through temporary annuli.
It is strung
Through the inner hollowness
of our sidewaysness.

Within the sine-waves
each wound weirdly, this
Syrup is spun from waxy ash
and composition.
It is spun from
mathematical emptiness made as
Agile sap. And it pivots
around its oddness, around
Its secretions drawn to equal
hopeful hypotheses, yes.

It spins around its finiteness
extensively forever.
And it fluctuates and
becomes purposeful, becomes
Recurrent and glassy.
It is to transform and
Taper and taste of
vain waviness. And it will
Complicate its resting,
because it is massive, it is
Sticky and inconsistently cyclic,
as it is perhaps
Also inconsistently



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