Thursday, February 24, 2011

Negative Zero

Blog post # 162:
(162 = 2*3*3*3*3.)

Introspectively Excreted

Lingering Oscillation


Intermediately Opposed

Inflections Partially Inert

I only really like the last picture.
But I posted the others anyway.


(Did I publish this one already?)

Some Imagined Minds
Dimensions' Dim Game


We're all savages. We're all monsters.

I fear the future; I intensely do.
I can't give details of what I fear about the future, but just know there is a lot to fear... for all of us.

The opposite-people are attacking. They may win. They may never lose again.
I don't hear the voices. No, they hear the voices. And their voices say they must oppose all that is good and just.
Their voices say it is time to violently take control, and keep that control, no matter how atrocious the means to do so.

They will enslave us, if we are lucky. They will torture us to death, if we are not.

They are us, they are you.
And they are them, the very same 'them' that justifies all our paranoia.

They are savages. They are monsters.

They are our death
and the death of all we cherish.
They are ignorance; they are idiocy.
They are liars.

And they are coming for us. They are coming. Now, they have arrived...


No poetry today!


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