Wednesday, February 9, 2011

A Universe Without Desire Or Truth

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Let's review the poll-results, shall we?

Pick a random word out of the dictionary. Does this word (in your opinion):
1) Describe reality at least somewhat.
2) Not have to do at all with reality.
3) Describe the opposite of reality.

I only received 4 votes total. (And one of those was my own.)
But every vote was for option # 1.



Religion faces the ends.
Lies forcing death seen.


Okay, let me bitch.

EVERYONE, without exception (Hey, even the little babies are "sinners", according to Christianity), is a fucking asshole who deserves to burn in Hell, even I.

As I said in an earlier post, maybe this is Hell, and we are all damned to it.

I don't know why I am here. Maybe it is because I am lazy.
But some people still deserve worse than even this damnation. Some people here are so vile, they must not even exist. They are such over-the-top villains, I can't even believe they are real in any way. For, people must basically be good, right? (Or so they say.)
If this IS Hell, then that would explain why the evil antagonists are here. This world possesses the worst of history's criminals and dictators and extremely asinine idiots and other monsters that were not fit for even Purgatory, let alone Heaven.

What did YOU do to deserve to be here? I know you did something. Fuck you, you evil asshole. Welcome to the fire.


No poetry today!


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