Saturday, February 12, 2011

Outside And Inside

Blog post # 159:
(159 = 3*53.)

Inanimate Apex

Limbic Spinning

Somewhat Non-Palindromic


A super-duper anagram!
(It rhymes!)

Foolish liar!
Our oneness sees the ruse.
Oh, these sins'
erroneous failures lose.


New poll!

Which of these numbers is your favorite?

3.14159... (pi)
6.28318... (2 pi)


Two poems. Two poems.

(Written yesterday and today.)

Tangled Hypotheses

Beauty's knot becomes
The outside of its consciousness,
Becomes the mind containing
all oneness and
All zeroness otherwise globular.
Yet, these
Lobes theorize regarding
inaccurate numbers
Each counted but alone and
subdivided still.
Yet beautiful loops defile
this game of
Bidirectional conformity.
Ha. I am
Absurd within my
brain's zigzags, yes.
But the iridescent temptations
From my limbic deprivation,
they become
The outside of my
conscious conception,
Become the exterior of
everything nullified
But only asymmetrically
and asymptotically.

Yes, beauty spins the
ribbon from transition.
And it thinks of
that mental wheel
Turning as cloth, turning
as strings into
An elliptic cursedness
winding and wiggling
And becoming the
outside of such a
Neurologically drawn
arrangement arranged
As its inflections, as
its inferiority truly


Inside The One Circumference

Inside the one circumference
of a spheroid somewhat
And sometimes oblong,
the flatness (a strand)
Implies a curve. Yet
it bends downwardly
As it is horizontal.
Then it vanishes as
It is diminished, and
it is strung as a
Semi-equatorial reality,
as the one circumference
About its own truncation
folded and overlapping.

Inside the blob (an
oblong-like spheroid made
From pathos and gel and
glass and falseness),
There the wrapping annulus
is denied.
There, the prejudice of
such a curve is
Foolishly speaking these
voices of dictatorial
Syllables. Yes, inside
the gap between
Ovoid and thin matter,
space within is
Never compelled to be
described. And here,
I am semicircular
and 3/4 so. Yes, here,
The circumferences are
erroneous but
Exceptional, are entropic
yet eventual
And held inside this
mental thought, inside
This encirclement
partway complete, partway
Intermittent, partially and
grandly not palindromic,
Not anagrammatic or
alphabetized, but surely
Crescentically formed from this
Continuous certainty's erasing.



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