Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Illiterate Alliteration

Blog Post # 160:
(160 = 2*2*2*2*2*5.)

A little alliteration...

Unto Coarse Cosines

Theoretical Trapezoid

(... I know. The phonemes don't match, but the letters do.)

Tangential Transposition


An anagram!

Reality's Obvious Plan
Vain Trouble Is As Ploy


Nothing more,... except a poem! (Damn it.)

(Written yesterday.)

These Theses

These theses are
theoretically theological, yet they
Are configured amorphously as
their cursive depiction
Of rust and blubber.
Yet they are counterbalanced
By equilateral equations
each formulaic and
Uncertain and
unilaterally multiplicative. Ah,
These theses are as
the paradoxical tautologies
Implied by indentations and
incantations, implied by
Imagined metals of
colorless unobviousness. But they
Presume to be the very riddles
they rid from our
Dreams of intellect. Yes,
they seem to apathetically
Remark regarding
every puzzling topology
Appearing within my vantage,
appearing so
Mysteriously as all miniscule
and hypothetical
Writings scribed in
invisibly plaid notebooks, surely.
For, these theses complicate
their alphabets and
Compound their numerals.
But they will soon be
Ascertained then perceived.
Yes, these parables of
Algorithmic algae and asymmetry
will soon denounce
Those trapezoids. And we
will thus be conforming and
Comfortable regarding them,
regarding such
Atrociousness of genius,
regarding such atrocities of
Truth doubtfully downward
in its sidewaysness.


Loser Leroy

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