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Worthless Integers

Blog post # 155:
(155 = 5*31.)

Permutation Of Theorems

Overlapping Torque


I read somewhere recently that most people are so under-skilled, it actually costs more to train them and to employ them than their worth as employees to a company or to society.

Ayn Rand -- whom I am no fan of -- said something along the lines of, only the "elites" (intellectual and wealthy) in our society move our society forward. All other people are worthless, or worse, have negative worth to society.

When you start considering all the resources even the elites use up -- which is actually more, on average, than what the common people use; and the common people use lots of resources -- then maybe it makes sense to say that most of us ARE worth more dead than alive. (I myself am even worth less than the average member of the hoi polloi, since I am on disability.)

Add to this all the carbon we each add to the atmosphere, and I am ready to give up. Thoughts?


But there is no reason to kill yourself.

Since we will all be dead soon, anyway...


Here's my purpose: Making up anagrams! (Yay! I AM somebody!)

An anagram:

Mathematics' Order
Dramatic Theorems


And, speaking of anagrams, the first of today's poems (written today) contains two anagrams. The first verse and the third verse -- those two verses each with 2 lines -- are both anagrams. (One of these anagrams you have seen before, the other is new.)

This Perpendicular Anagram

As it counts the abaci,
It is scant about each.

For, this perpendicular
anagram reveals
Its theses, reveals
the spiraled zigzags
Amongst those
mathematical words. But
It is as all such
permutations, symmetrical
But balanced by asymmetry,
equilibrial within
This arrangement of
phonemes written rectangularly.

Reality spins
Yet in spirals.

And yet again our
geometries are counted,
Are thus protruding as
protractors, outwardly
And arrayed into lines
and beads upon the
Frame numbered with
dreams of measurements.

Oh, I added these grids
onto these wires,
And then reformed them
laterally into the
Abaci. And from each abacus,
the partiality
Of the completion was
totaled and summed;
Yet its multiplication was
extraneous and
Excessively imagined. Yes,
such things count and order
The incremental abaci.
Then these accomplishments are
Perpetuated on the tabletops
of our truth erased
But varied by those anagrams,
anagrams shaped from
Causality, from purpose,
from matter signifying process,
Signifying an algebra
paradoxically deficient.


(Written today.)

Lepidopteran Inside The Knot

Unequal loops are paired
upon their overlapping
To be the torus beneath.
And two of this ring's
Arcs parallel and conjoin
within the
Concavity behind all,
behind that circularity
Of juxtaposed divergence.
There, within the
Hollow, a twisted and
glossy insectile thing
Rises and is concave
at its torso. Yet
Its wings bulge as
translucent lobes;

And they are paired
upon their overlapping.

Yes, this wispy bug does
ascend, yet it
Does not fly nor flee.
It is only placed
By my mind's hypotheses
unto the middle
Of loops and tori and
spirals halved
Then doubled.
Unequal are these wings
Of certainty's assumptions
and impediment. But
The lepidopteran
inside the knot does so
Levitate, despite
its containment. It does pivot
And torque and become
unequal to its own
Positioning. Yes, it is
free amongst its
Strangulation. It is
vastly angular amongst
Its artificiality, amongst
its surreal fluidity
Unequally without depiction.



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