Thursday, January 13, 2011

Suffer This Euphoria

Blog post # 150:

Just want to deal with it. No more.

Hypothesis Of Hypotenuses

Equilibrially Inconsistent

Segmented Derogation



Watching the news lately, I've noticed some people (such as Ms "Blood-Libel") ramble on in...



Okay, I don't feel like posting much else. All I can think to write today is this comment about how I can't think of anything (else) to write.

So, let's end our suffering now, shall we... But not before we all greatly suffer!

A poem!...

Written today:

Within Such An
Imagined Brain

Drawn are the fissures
and crevices within
Such an imagined brain.
Oh, drawn are those
Slots and grooves that
each determine somewhat
The truthful ignorance
of certainty.

In the transcendental mind,
all is eviscerated
Via its intuition, and
all is evaluated
Regarding its
equilateral placement amongst
The lobes of
scribbled hemispheres. For, yes,
The creases are but
random and unspecified.
Yet they are drawn
by the cutting
Of madness and intellect.
Yes, this childish
Imperfection is scrawled
onto the mass that
Is my mental thought...
Its science
Is hewn from those halves,
and it is conjured
In my corpus callosum,
in my limbic betrayal.

Drawn is the purpose of
my strangeness. And
Carved into my solidity
is every segmentation,
Is every glossy iridescence
uttered anew by this
Paradoxical thing,
by this wrinkled dream, a
Dream psychological,
hypothetical, and knotted --
And therefore it has become
a surreal doodle,
Has become a doodle
cursively aperiodic and
Amorphously curved,
amorphously conscious and
Convergent as to its
clamorous but reverberant



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