Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Convex Consequence

Blog Post # 153:
(153 = 3*17*3)

Anthropomorphic Causality

Misshapen Genesis

Otherwise Trapezoidal

I like Misshapen Genesis the best. I would have liked Anthropomorphic Causality more, but I plagiarized the idea for this picture.


Some humor:

Cain's and Able's wives were the...



The crushing insanity around us is the...



Breasts so large they crush you are...




This puzzle is both stupefying and stupid.

Word 1 = the name of a certain color.
Phrase 2 = an anagram of Word 1, a two word phrase.
Take the antonym of one of the words in Phrase 2 and the remaining word in Phrase 2 to get Phrase 3. Phrase 3 and Phrase 2 have the same number of letters.
Anagram the letters in Phrase 3 to get Word Combo 4. Word Combo 4 consists of two verbs (Word 4a and Word 4b), both with the same number of letters.
Anagram the letters of Phrase 3 to get Word Combo 5. Word Combo 5 consists of two nouns (Word 5a and Word 5b), both with the same number of letters.
Word 4a and Word 5a both end with the same letter.
Word 4b and Word 5b both start with the same letter.

What is the following sentence (which isn't true in reality)?..

[Phrase 2] or [Phrase 3], I [Word 4a] the [Word 1] [Word 5a]
after I [Word 4b] the [Word 1] [Word 5b].

Answer in the comments of this post.


And a poem, sadly. (Written two days ago.)

As Quite A Slot-Machine

As a disk -- as a cylinder
too narrow in our
Existence -- within the
paradoxical groove, truth
Rotates and descends
at the slant; it falls
Diagonally unto its
falseness amongst that
Machinery. Oh, in this
despised trough, all reality
Is truncated and made
into such a device.
And the disks are our minds
each predetermined
To roll and fail and yet
imply the cosmos'
Very workings.
Ah, as quite a
Slot-machine, truth is
randomized; and it regards
Time to be only
anthropomorphic. But time
Is a metallic knot within
these disks, falling
Towards fate's empty disservice.
Ah, downwardly,
We are transformed,
despite our transcendence,
Into simply chaos and matter.
We become
Only the very riches
we cannot procure.
Oh, we become those
metaphors of injustice
And science. We become
but the clanging
Of causality and entropy,
become the clanging of
Madness surely probable,
surely mechanical
And unlucky.



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Amorphous Trapezoid said...

Answer to stupigram puzzle:
[Love it] or [hate it], I [ate] the [violet] [tie] after I [hit] the [violet] [hat].