Friday, January 28, 2011

Geometries Of All

Blog post # 154:
(154 = 2*7*11.)

Theoretical Ascension

Remorseful Trigonometry

Orthogonally Counterbalanced

Polymeric Intent

I like "Orthogonally Counterbalanced" the best of these. But it's title is too literal.


A new anagram!
(Get this.)

Reality spins..
yet in spirals.


Oh, I was going to write something about my feelings of doom. But I will just go ahead and finish this post up.

So, lastly, a poem.

Infinitely Dimensional

Infinitely dimensional is
tangential space derived from
The thoughts of my genesis
and nonconformity.
These inductive conjectures
arise and flow as quite
An arc: rightward, forth,
leftward, backwards, upwards,
Rightward, downward,
extending unto these circles each
Equal to spheres, each defined
via every possibility
Of freedom and distance.
Oh, such ellipsoids once
Ellipses, they rotate as
unimagined voids.
They spin as spirals of
angularity, spin as
Loxodromes upon
infinitely dimensional globes,
Outwardly, inwardly,
becoming the vanishing within.

Oh, those currents
of unreal circumferences,
They proceed to bend and
fulfill their dampening. But
This cosmos is alphabetized,
and it is formed with an
Algorithm of ascension.
And sometimes all exceptions
Are periodic. Yes,
sometimes the geometry
Of these helices is peculiar,
despite its
Regularity and fluidity.
For, the measurements
And directions are doubted
but pivotal. Yes, the
Dimensions are undercounted
and flat. And their only
Existence is their finitude
theoretically radiating,
Their finitude
metaphorically uncontained.



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