Sunday, January 23, 2011


Blog post # 152:

Entropic Bird

Erroneous Fulcrum

Insignificant Paradox

Immaterially Homogeneous

Protrusion Of The Collapse

You can tell by the names of my latest pictures, I have been depressed lately.
(And one reason I have been depressed is that my art has been sucking.)


I'm no connoisseur of anything, really.
I'm not picky... except when it comes to my scabs...


I would say that the majority, it seems, of my fellow Americans are actually more stupid than rocks.
You see, the typical rock has an IQ of zero. But most Americans seem to have NEGATIVE intelligence -- most of what they believe is actually the opposite of the truth.

For instance, despite what they believe:
No, President Obama is NOT a Marxist. If anything, he is the opposite, a corporate fascist.
No, Hitler was not a liberal/progressive (even though it has been promoted by some on rightwing talk radio and on Fox News that he was).
No, America is not the freest country on Earth. (Actually, in terms of the numbers of its citizens in prison, it is actually the least free country on Earth.)
And the God many Americans worship, well, "He" is actually the Devil.

Suck it up, Opposite-People.


No poetry today!! Yay!!!


A new poll!

Pick a random word out of the dictionary. Does this word (in your opinion):
1) Describe reality at least somewhat
2) Not have anything to do at all with reality
3) Describe the opposite of reality



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