Monday, January 17, 2011

Fateful Equality

Blog post # 151:
(151 = a prime.)

Periphery Within

Unto Quasi-Roundness

Unattainable Screams

I like "Unto Quasi-Roundness" most of these three pictures.
"Unattainable Screams" I liked right after I made it, but now I hate it. At least I still like its title.


An anagram!

Sadly grasped upon in dim night.
Hand-spin grim ugly tops and die.

Ah, this anagram is about fate.


Poll results: (5 votes received.)

Question: Which of these intrigues you most?

Answers and results:
A glossy brain -- 1 vote.
A butterfly with 3 wings -- 2 votes.
Blurry nothingness -- 1 vote.
Words of phosphorous -- 0 votes.
Paradoxical sewage -- 1 vote.
Semicircular immortality -- 0 votes.
Unsurreal radioactivity -- 0 votes.


One poem today, that's all. Written yesterday.

Egg And Flower

Quite an egg resting
behind and askew from quite
A flower, a blossom overturned
and descending --
Upon the flatness, they
pose as such imbalance yet
Balanced, yet counterbalanced
by their truthfulness.
Oh, no, no egg became a flower;
but perhaps, a seed
Did once become this
in its uncertainty. Now the egg
Is to be its own mercy, is
to be the bird of its
Confidence and apathy.
In that tableau made
From oddity and foolishness,
juxtaposed is quite
The dichotomy of epitomization.
Oh, conjoined
Are the crumpled crumbs
of strangeness, of
Unimportant conceit
otherwise grouped. Yes,
The egg is fluid and fertile;
the toppled flower
Is horrendous but benign.
And they together
Are weirdly clangorous, are
quite a quantity
Of asymmetry; they are
the pairing made into
Plant, animal, and atrocity.
They are every inanimate
Fulfillment, are every
iridescence. For, this archetype
Is composed of rotation and
connectedness. It is
Complete within its appearance,
within its curvature
Of dissonant irregularity,
its dissonant curvature very
Irregular and dual,
irregular and equally so.


(Note: Yes, I know I just posted a poem about an egg a few days ago. I have actually written a number of poems about eggs, actually.)



1 comment:

Anonymous said...

So are you and those eggs understanding each other better?
Dr. Freud wants to know!
Well, it may be Pancake House rather than Freud, but hey, eggs are important.