Sunday, July 3, 2011

Ah, Spirals Were

Blog post # 206:
(206 = 103*2.)

Just two pictures today. All the other pictures I have made since I last posted suck.

Inconsistent Awkwardness

Both Edible And Carnivorous



Ah, spirals were...
a sphere, a swirl.


So, still, I am science.
Coil is lemniscates.

(My least favorite of these three anagrams.)

Oh, knife's peace;
he pokes in face.


Poem, written yesterday:

Retrograde Ellipses

Of the progression inwardly
unto such minimization,
The ellipses turn clockwise
then counterclockwise
Then clockwise. They
emerge until they vanish.
They spin until
they reverse until they
Resume, until they
are unreal and unmade.

Yet their massivenesses
and orientations
Align via algorithms
of exception. But the
Ellipses are equal to
rings uglily colorful.
Yes, they are rotational,
and still they
Decline; still they
depart from their
Consistency, and
do so consistently. Oh,
The progression of ellipses
is vindicated by
Its irregularity
always temporary.
But its lengths are
determined, and its
Angles are equilateral.
And, yes, it
Suffers its accuracies
but not its
Actualities. For, it does
occur awkwardly inward;
And then it remains;
then it extends
Weirdly, roundly,
ambiguously. And, truly, it is
Wrung through such
transitions of perfection's
Periodicity, through
such transpositions
Of spuriousness' faultlessness.



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