Thursday, June 30, 2011

Thawing Sundials

Blog post # 205:
(205 = 5*41.)

(I'm going to force myself to post today. I'm not really in the mood to do so.)

Abruptly Obtuse

Extraneous Etcetera

Elsewhere Extroverted

Accomplished Forgetfulness



Oh, sundials thaw,...
Ah, until shadows.


Sole hourglasses are drawn.
Our angels' shards were also.


One poem, written yesterday.

Above And Below

Upon above, there the
half-spheroid ascends
And is partial and is
extraneous, etcetera.
And midway, a strap
becomes such a ring. Yet
At the right, prongs and
spikes do not loop.
And upon below,
two smaller half-spheroids
Descend and are attached
and are irregular
And are unequal.

This configuration is
abrupt but obtuse.
It is oblate and bulging
within its injustice.
Yet its function is
its protrusion,
And its purpose is its
negation. However, ah,
it is both
upwardly and downwardly
Above and below.
Yes, it is both
circular and elliptical.
Quite, its segmentation
is so divided, is
Surely bisected into
one and two, into the
Asymmetry of its
exacting but partitioned
Exemption, into the
top and bottom of a thing
Devoid of palindromes,
devoid of algebras
Each dual or undergone.



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Psycho Babbling Basher said...

I am now addicted to your anagrams!