Saturday, June 4, 2011

Thought Pus

Blog post # 195:
(195 = 3*13*5.)

Five pictures today. Yay!

Agony Perturbed

Betrayal Of Betrayal

Dis-unified Imbalance

Engulfed Via Consequence

Reverberant Singularity


I have not much to post today, aside from art and this one anagram. I think I will post a new poll too. No poetry today, though (which is good, because I lose more readers with my poetry than I gain). Wow, that is 3 blog posts in a row without poetry. I'm proud of myself!


Thought Pus
Shot up thug
Shut up, goth!

(No, I am not angry with the goths. I actually love the goths, to be honest. But I feel negative about so many things lately. I guess the anagram just reflects that in general. Fuck it all!)



Where is reality?

1) In the mind of God.
2) In your/my mind.
3) Before us.
4) At the center of the moon.
5) In Hell.
6) Inside a computer.
7) Somewhere else.




Anonymous said...

This is a really neat blog you have here! It really sets itself away from all other blogs I have encountered; hence, why I am now a follower! I like blogs that make me ponder and think. :)

TracyRobin said...

Oh my God! Agony Perturbed is exactly the essence of what my heart has been feeling. I'm so blown away - I saw the image and immediately thought there's my heart pierced and my soul agonizing like I always do this time of year over a personal loss. I didn't even see the caption as the image invaded my mind and literally brought me to tears. Thank God for spell check as crying and typing don't mix!!

Oh, and what's wrong with your poetry? Writing, all writing is always in the eyes of the reader... lose followers... you offer so much of yourself in your art (all of it) can't imagine why a poem or two would make anyone leave. I used to worry about mine especially after seeing some of the great pieces of others but I've come to know that it's what I feel that matters. So since I can't make the masses happy all the time I choose to make me happy. OK, enough commenting cos I am sick of correcting the typos - still trying to regroup a bit. *sigh*

xx (thank you for blogging your art)

Anonymous said...

Answer to the poll is #2 In your/my mind.

How could it be anywhere else?

Amorphous Trapezoid said...

Thanks everybody for the encouraging comments! Tracy, I don't want to make you cry (unless it is truly in a good way). But I don't know why not, since I like making people angry, anyway (but at the same things I'm angry at, not at me!).

TracyRobin said...

AT, if I could have presented my feelings for the world to see it would be that piece of art. If art can bring forth emotions so intense it's a great thing (even though they were sad tears - crying is healthy, for the most part) I actually felt like my pain was represented in a way I couldn't describe.

As for making people angry - sometimes we need to get people angry to make positive strides forward. lol