Monday, June 13, 2011

Ah, Dance Then Smartly Listen

Blog post # 199:
(199 = a prime.)

4 new pictures in just 2 days. Whew.


Exception To Infinitesimals

Of A Rind Suffered

Violent Agreement


Anagrams (Better than last post's):

Sane Mortality
Yet animals rot.


Healthy Transcendentalism
Ah, dance then smartly listen.


Note regarding the anagram "puzzle" in this blog's last post:
My intended answer was "wet as"... "sweat".
But someone on-line posted that "waste" works too.
I should have seen that myself, but didn't.


I fear for our future, I really do.
What is there to worry about that is likely to occur?
Economic depression (worse than anything we have suffered so far),
war (possibly nuclear or biological),
destruction of our civil liberties,
grave injustices,
other environmental destruction,
peak oil,
mass stupidity and ignorance,
bigotry and pogroms,
etc, etc, etc...

We might as well just sit back and enjoy the Apocalypse, though.
It's not like any of this is real or is in any way as it seems.


Poem! (Written today.)

Blob Of A Weird Wound

Sliced into the odd ovoid,
into the sphere-like cone,
A gap is hewn, and a sliver
is then protruding;
And the inward extract
is obvious beneath
Such a rind. Oh,
a triangular tangent is
Made from what is smoothness.
And it is
Held by a
psychedelic harness about it.

Yes, an orb is sliced
and is now not round.
And the cusp attaches still
unto its origination.
Oh, the notch attaches surely
to this puncturing,
To this sphere-like blob
of a weird wound.

Quite. Sliced into the thing,
exception is
Transcendent and painful.
But the
Cut is only suffered and
is surreally certain
Of its segmentation,
is certain of its injustice
Yet mortal, yet bloody
and frothy and
Drawn from mass as that sap.
Yes, it is drawn
From mass as that carcass
of our failure, as that
Corpse of our angularity
both severed and appended,
Both sliced and diagonal
in its violent agreement.



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