Thursday, June 23, 2011

Trapezoid Dimensions

Blog post # 202:
(202 = 2*101.)

Indescribably Evident

Extremum Wrung

Devoid Of Sines

Somethingness Intended

My favorite of these is, of course, the bottom one, "Somethingness Intended".



Mean Tortures
A True Monster

(This is sort of another fuck-you anagram, such as the one I posted in blog post # 195 {June 4, 2011}.)


Ah, double
Oh, be dual.


See trapezoid dimensions.
One time pi, add zero sines.


One poem today, written yesterday:

A Whirlpool Thickly Ascending

A whirlpool thickly ascending,
its mind is its
Failure, and its thoughts
are its amnesia.
But it seeks its
twisting opaqueness; yet still
Such transparency is
punctured as its suffering.
Yet again such glass is
oval and drowned.

Yes, the whirlpool does
strangely soothe those
Droplets. Thus, it is
vainly vicious, and
It sips the syrup
of its process. Ah,
This whirlpool floats
upwardly and falls
To become triangular steam,
ha. But
That rain is oddly false.
And that water dreams
Of air and silt.
Yes, the whirlpool of
Entirety's protruding hollowness,
it is wrongly
Helical, is wrongly mathematical,
and it is drawn
Only within its crescents.
Yet the eclipse of
Its reality is above our cosmos.
It is above
Truth's fluidic looping,
quite. And it rotates
And encircles about an
extremum of singularities.
It hovers within its
misalignment and malignity,
Within its containment
wrung concavely, wrung
Into the circumstances
of our ignorant thirst, a
Thirst spun gapingly,
a thirst frustratingly
Equal to its own
consequential salve.



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Psycho Babbling Basher said...

My favourite is the Somethingness Intended too.
Love it!