Sunday, June 26, 2011

Memories Of Helices

Blog post # 203:
(203 = 7*29.)

Existential Anesthesia

Quasi-Tangents Thus

Permeated By Permutation


Anagrams (not too clever.):

Maybe our faces imply us each. Noise...
Simply because you are of machines.


Space is here,...
as ice sphere.

(I may have erred with the first one.)

I'm just posting a note to say that if you want to look at some old poetry of mine (which is often in a different style than my current poetry) plus some old art, take a look at my Amorphous Trapezoid blog. (Last added to in March of 2009.)
(I have recently gone through and painstakingly removed the links to my old now-defunct art website. If you come across any such links I missed, please tell me.)

Also, I must note that the older posts to THIS blog are quite different in tone to the current posts. (More word-play before, fewer if any anagrams, for one thing.)
Please take a look at some of those old posts, if you want to.
Is my blog evolving or devolving??....


Poem, what the hell.
(Written yesterday.)

Unlike The Helix

This tripled looping is
not a helix. For,
It inflects and overlaps
its surpassing.
Yet its strap is
thinly a string, but
Such a strand is thick.
Yes, such a wire
Is a ribbon and tube.
And it spins clockwise
Once and counterclockwise
twice. Then it
Rejoins its intersection
with that tangent,
With that serif
surely elongated. Oh,
The winding thing is
not sigmoidal, although
It is somewhat serpentine.
And it is wrongly
Described amongst
this poetry. But still,
It is unlike the helix;
however, it is
Certainly quasi-helical,
quite. I drew
Its ink onto
scratchpaper ignored. And I
Did not demand such
strands to be, nor did I
Demand them to be
of coils or knots. But I
Knew the object was
false and was faulty, and
I knew it was neither
rigid nor reniform.
And I knew its helicalness
was therefore of my
Very superstitions,
was therefore of my own
Questioned imbalance
strung unto a perception
We have conformingly
and comfortably made.



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Psycho Babbling Basher said...

Your Permeated by Permutation art, it reminds me of a goddess or an angel.
Now don't ask me why but I just do. =)