Sunday, July 10, 2011


Blog post # 209:
(209 = 11*19.)

Wrongness Undermined

Imagined Thought

Unlikely Ambivalence


Today's anagrams (Yay!):

My naive but lost reality...
is ambivalently true toy.


Conjunctions need ties.
joins, unites, connected


Poll question:

Which would you rather eat right now?

Vegan Burrito

(I think I will only have this poll up for one week, not two.)

Poem, written yesterday:

Bent Ring

Obtusely, the ring
of an annulus of a
Torus thinly circular,
it bends upon
That diameter, upon
that circumference
Devoid of pi.
And it abruptly is angular
And weird, despite
its vagueness, despite
Its unusualness and
intermediacy. Oh, this
Crooked ring is made
from wire, from its
It is formed within
such trigonometry,
Within such
roundness spited.

And it turns unto
its transition, unto
That bent oneness
now self-differing.
However, it does
relinquish those ellipses
And their flatnesses.
Ah, it becomes diagonal
And then resumes
its horizontality. Yes,
It bends suddenly
but twice, then is
Existentially halved.
Then it is exceptional
And unbalanced and
is damned by its virtue,
And it is drawn by
its halting, by its
Wrongness undermined
yet unlikely.



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Nanoinfinity said...

It was hard to vote because I've been craving bacon and cheese for almost a week now. Whenever I get hardcore cravings it's for meat and cheese. So far I'm the only person I've met who gets cravings for that; usually people crave salt or sugar, not... savoury things.