Monday, July 18, 2011

As A Nightmare May

Blog post # 212:
(212 = 2*53*2.)

Sans Cylinders

Encircled By Semicircles

Syrupy Invocation

Dream Of Anagrams


Speaking of anagrams...

I breathe scent in -- ...
entices the brain.


Flying so now...
of only wings.


I hate my anagrams!...
as a nightmare may.


A smart redneck is an...


Poll results!

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The winner is "Pie", with 6 votes.
"Bacon" received 2 votes.
"Vegan burrito" and "Cheese" received no votes.

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Poem, written yesterday.

An Odd Hippocampus

An odd hippocampus
knots its arc through this
Ambiguous space. And
it bends quite conformingly
Unto retrograde and reniform
thoughts, unto such
Memories of helices and their
Cater-cornered emotions
all spiraled.

But before it and beyond it,
a second thing of
Substantive curving
convulses and seizes and
Then does envelop
my dissected mind.

Oh, yet in my
odd hippocampus, I am illiterate,
But illegitimately so, yes.
Here, I taper
And tangle and do invoke
that cloth of madness.
Yes, here I invoke
that asininity of
My own sleep. .....
Still, my brain is
Segmented but
encircled by semicircles.
Ha, it is surely to float and fly
And yet descend.
Still, it is to betray its
Very imbecility;
it is to betray its corpus callosum
And its beauty. It is
to transit its syrupy shards
Anew, then be severed
then be parabolically attune to,
And paradoxically proud of,
its crescents; it is to
Again intend the
vanquishing of its innards,
Its saddened innards
imperviously mislead.



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