Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Beneath That Spiral

Blog post # 210:
(210 = 2*3*5*7,
the product of the first four primes.)

Superlative Inferiority

Narcissistic Eclipse

Penetrated By Curving


Today's (crappy) anagrams:

Awe Of Droplets
Water's Flop Ode


Lost Annulus
Out, Sans, Null


As a loop's circles,...
oracle coils pass.


Two poems:
(Written yesterday and today.)

Beneath That Spiral
And Atop The Cube

Before that cube,
a spiral of straps (each
Turned and wrung)
is prominent there. But
It is of illicit colors
and of illegitimate
Alignments (all
surely swirling). And beyond,
Ha, the cube's corner is
within us. Yet its
Other corner defies
such stagnancy. And it
Flees from us as
the transparent thorn.

Yes, the spike between,
it is glassy, and
Still it is unobvious.
Oh, it is held beneath
That spiral and
atop the cube. But it is
Also quite a cone formed
from eclipses, eclipses
Of outstretched moons
strung as straps
Each turned, wrung,
and failed (as I). Then
The cube is incorrect,
despite its perfection.
Then the spiral is
maligned but mathematical.
And then the cusp does
hate its own pride.

So, the triad is not sideways,
and it is
Never configured. Ah,
it is thus methodical.
And it is consequently incomplete
if unfractured.
It is tangentially of
our superlative inferiority,
True. Yet it is needlessly
unexceptional via
Its unredeemed function
of lonely narcissism.


Surrounding Roundness
Of Hemispheres

Two rightward hemispheres
and a third leftward,
They are of two and one opposed;
they are of such
Segmented lobes
lying consecutively and contained.
And they each are only
a fourth of a globe. But
Perhaps they are halved.
Perhaps they are indeed
Elliptical and violently so.
Oh, they mass unto
Their grouping made from three.
And enshrouding
Them quite is a helix of string,
of encirclement.

Yet upon the diagonality of
this air, those
Hemispheres do not flee.
No, they are penetrated
By their curving,
and they penetrate
The twine about them.
And, yes, they have been
Successive held within
all translucency, within
The arc drawn into
their exterior, into the
Surrounding roundness
of hemispheres, hemispheres
Unlike themselves,
differing and conforming,
Attached and multiplicative,
and yet improper.



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Psycho Babbling Basher said...

Your Surrounding roundness of Hemispheres sound like an argument among three personas of a person suffering from dis-associative personality disorder. Great read though, I like it.