Thursday, July 21, 2011

Superfluously Dull

Blog post # 213:
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Improbability Untied

Mismatched Equilibrium

Dull Excretion

Conjured Thirst


No anagrams today! I'm sick of anagrams. Maybe I'll post some later, but maybe not.

A new poll!

As most of you might know, my blog is evolving. Some things I used to do in it I don't do anymore.

Which of these do you miss the most from what used to be in my blog?

Word Puzzles
Math Puzzles

I'll try to bring back, at least on occasion, whatever wins this poll.


Two poems, both just barely acceptable. Written yesterday and today.

A Sphere Atypically Spherical

Such a sphere is
atypically spherical. Ah, it
Is quite a glob, surely.
But its loxodromes are
Specious, and its
circumferences are round. Oh,
In its quadrants, the
arcs are misnumbered but
Differing. And they are
counted incorrectly, yet
Still they are irradiant
from this one apex
Upon the lower-right.
And, yes, those arcs spread
Unto their vanishing,
unto their inequalities
Within a sphere betrayed.
Oh, such a sphere is
Forgotten regarding its
amorphousness. For, its
Shape is neither
cylindrical nor pitied. Oddly,
It does curve throughout
its mismatched fourths,
And then it is balanced.
Then, again,
It is atypically spherical.
And it remains.
And it returns, but only
convexly, but only
Into its circularity
fleeting superfluous.


Counterintuitive Within This Gash

Cut with dullness,
that groove is quite
A beautiful wound.
It is sliced into this
Spheroid, and it is
grotesque in its inwardness.
For, those knives are
only slabs, but
They are also thorns
of our thirst. Thus,
They sever all
blubbery convexity with
Such meaninglessness.
And then they are to
Yet be dull; then
they are to secrete
The pus of their
uncertainty, of their
Stupidity surely askew
but never vain.

Cut with flatness protruding
into insignificance,
The bulb is conjoined
with a disk, is conjoined
With glass and its shards
rendered diagonally. But
Vertically, yes,
the knives do coil and curve,
Then they rest and ooze,
and still they
Are dull. Still,
they are counterintuitive
Within this gash,
within the conjuring of
Juices and lipids extracted
and resented, within
The conquering of
a spheroid once dull, once
Stained and obtuse
or obviously satiated.



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