Wednesday, July 27, 2011

How Is Such A Wad?

Blog post # 215:
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Illusion's Suffering

Psychotic Remorse

Quadrupled Glow

Elsewhere Sideways

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A loving anagram:

My Dear


An anagram puzzle:

Yes, wad is...
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Any of lots of different places is...


If you design arches with interesting surfaces, you engage in...


Two poems, written yesterday and today:

Failed Translucency

Withered so are
the quadrupled annuli. They
Paraphrase quite a
butterfly-like paradox. And
They each drip from
their topsides unequally. They
Drip the waters of
imagined pus, of mentality.
Oh, they form every fourth
of those two wings.
But their asymmetry is
tangential yet only
Yes, this thing
does not fly, nor
Does it glow.
However, it is inert and
Intended by my own stupidity.
Ah, it is indeed
Beautiful and superstitious
within its withering,
Within its
poetic counterbalance of such
Glass, of such colorful loops
conjoined into a
Doubling of doubling,
conjoined into a
Failed translucency
we do dream, that we do
Draw quite expectedly
upon this secreted light.


Within The Underside Of Everything

External to a spheroid
of oblate sidewaysness,
A spiral hovers parallel
and rightward. But
It too is vertical, is gaping.
And the whole
Of it forgets its whole;
it forgets the void
Between spiral and spheroid.
And it foregoes
That lavender for its mauve,
for its coil
Afloat and ironic
and smooth. Ah, yet
Within the
underside of everything, this
Composition is angled
and ascending. It
Holds its stillness there
in such reality.
And it wraps emptiness with
such droplets
Of knotted poetry.
Oh, externally, the
Spiral flies and is
surely levitated unto
Horizontality's massiveness.
Although it is
Curved and crescentic
and known by our sight; it
Is known by the existence
beneath entirety, by
The existences endured
and above us elsewhere.



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Amorphous Trapezoid said...

Yes, wad is... "sideways".