Thursday, April 28, 2011

Truths Overlapping Lies

Blog post # 184:
(184 = 2*2*2*23.)

Overlapping Divisiveness

Gaping Sidewaysness



And oneiromancy's one lie dims;
as I am only more conned inside.


Oneiromancy (divination via dreams) is the search for truth amongst the lies.

I wonder what is the search for lies amongst the truth, then?
(Could be the search for the "Climate-Gate" smoking-gun emails, perhaps.)


A much worse anagram:

Horrors of it, its thoughts
for hot shit or guts or this.


An anagram puzzle:

"Pow! Round" you go, if you can't make up your mind whether to go ....
(3 words)

(The answer is in the comments to this post.)



(I hate the last email I sent so much,...
I actually RESENT it.)...
har har


A poll: A challenge. Not for everybody.
What time is it kiddies? The time it ALWAYS is:
Time for high-stakes testing!

What is the number of positive integers (in base 10) where each such integer has no two or more digits with the same value?

(For example, we would count the integer 6254109, because each digit is unique; but wouldn't count 726281, because 2 occurs twice as a digit.)

A 172625
B 7267250
C 8877690
D infinity

No cheating!


And what is the one thing people hate more than math!?...

My poetry!

(Written yesterday.)

Wrapped And Overlapped

Wrapped and overlapped,
this torus (a withered ring)
Is thicker before us and is
distantly thin. But upon
Its top, overhanging its
penetration, the flaps flee
And flow and extend
and are outstretched.
Ah, they ascend and
course downwardly within
Such a configuration, but
they do cover and enclose
Their embrace. They do
conceal that circle -- that
Circularity not quite spherical
-- beneath. Yet they
Are opaque and extraneous,
quite. Yes, they are
Of strands and cloth and
knotted diminishment.
Ha, these things curve
closely unto their
Flight, unto their imperfection
perfectly amorphous,
Perfectly of my
thoughtful malformation.

And that wheel underneath
is placed here, then it
Bulges from vain
eggwhite spilled, eggwhite
Round and flat and
mandalic. But above
And abutting, this
pivot is the tangent; it
Is the dissimilarity of
matter and matter.
Yes, wrapped and overlapped
are reality's loops.
And therefore, these truths
are scrawled within every
Obviousness, within every
mathematics. They are clothed
In the tilting of convergence
returning and encased,
Are clothed in the tilt
of fluids and of glass and of
Abstraction ignored, in the
tilt then grasped and held;
For, it is winding, and it
meanders irregularly against
Divisiveness' abrupt proximity.



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Amorphous Trapezoid said...

Anagram puzzle solution:

"Up or down". I would also accept "down or up".