Saturday, April 9, 2011


Blog post 178:
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Extrema Thus Interpolated

Exaggeration Of Water


An anagram puzzle!

Even a dumb person might "be smart in" their...

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The way I see it...

In the beginning, Lucifer created the heavens and the Earth. Then Satan shat upon that Earth; and from that shit came man and woman. Lo, they were made. And man and woman begat, and they and their children and their children's children tormented the Earth for eons. Oh, so it has been and will continue to be.


In my youth I loved to write music and to listen to music and, more so, loved women.
So, I wanted to become a musician, or at least a song-writer, so as to obtain groupies, because there was no hope of me getting a date otherwise.

But now I actually dislike music in general. I only listen to it rarely, and I don't write songs hardly ever any more. I don't even own any CDs.

I have thought that maybe I should become a musician anyway, especially since the only hope I have of being loved by a woman is to play or write music.

Maybe the fact I dislike music can be my gimmick.
A musician who hates music! Come and see (and hear) the freak!


Poem, written yesterday:

The Arc Almost Possible

Almost an arc of
billowing geometry, almost a
Crescent of glassy reverberation
(a crescent of
Eruption and weirdness
curving upwardly then
this loxodrome within our sky
Is oddly aperiodic,
despite its
Thorough trigonometry.
And it is
Chunky and chaotic
amongst its cliches. Yet
Its winding is itself
spun into such an arc,
Into such an ascent
and descent once realistic,
Once real.
This thing is colorfully
A semicircle thickly knotted
and intermediately
Strung. However,
its extrema are internal,
And its interpolation
is serpentine. Yes, its
Roundness continues
and is interwoven with that
Madness. But the arc
is almost possible.
It is almost ambivalent
regarding its shape,
Regarding its unlikely refraction,
regarding its
Unlikely defiance
surely unbalanced, surely
Malformed, but thusly suffered
via its churning,
Via that progression
of its wayward adequacy.


Anagram puzzle solution:





That Guy said...

I like your theory on the beginning. I had one similar. It involved farting rather than shitting.

Commuter said...

Aww I'm sure you could find a woman one day. There are women out there who don't like music and love maths and amazing men with clever ans intriguing minds.

I do like music and I'm married otherwise I'd tick the boxes! Don't suppose this comment will get through the rigorous approval system but I just wanted you to know your not a lost cause on the women front!

Amorphous Trapezoid said...

Thanks for replying. For the record, I do also like women who like music. Some of the best relationships I have had have been with music-lovers. :D