Thursday, April 7, 2011


Blog post # 177:
(177 = 3*59.)

Sleep Then Imagined

Rigidity Spilled


Stupid anagrams:

Everything is souls.
Give yours this lens.


Peculiar trendy pi


Anagram puzzles!

1) What kind of wager is it where you "bet a soul"?

2) Who serves up "shit tea" to the Tea Partiers during any debate they might have?
The ___________.

(Answer at bottom of this post.)

If there is something you REALLY don't want to do, you can say,
"I'd rather eat Chinese-made bologna!"...


This Bug Without Matter

This bug is subtly without matter,
is without mind or
Torso or impracticality.
But its wings are bidirectional.
Ah, it wings do lie both
forwardly and backwardly, and
They are transparent but colorful,
Are but ludicrously aloft.

Oh, this bug's lift is
insignificant and paradoxical.
Yes, it rises and does not
transit such permutations.
The bug is stagnant,
despite its levitation, however.
Yet it flees the
ground's injustice, and then it
Becomes its own falling.
And upwardly, this insect
Creates light and space
from illogical science, ha.
But the bug clings to
the arcs and crescents
About it, amongst its
nonexistent limbs. Yes,
It is not of any species
or classification, nor is
The bug wrapped in
its imagined thoughts. For,
It flies then tires
unto its sleep. Then it is
Imperfect; then it is
but a bug impaired by its
Unexpected and
intellectually vicious


Anagram answers:

1) absolute
2) atheist




Nanoinfinity said...

"...Chinese-made bologna!"

The thought of that put me off my lunch.

Amorphous Trapezoid said...

Ha! I hope, though, that no one gets offended by my new saying. Hopefully it doesn't sound bigoted. I just know that there have been a series of news stories from China lately about certain, uh, "substitutions" made for food produced there.

The Quiet Riot said...

Rigidity the the image. The poem was one of you best, in my humble opinion.