Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Vile Tangle

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Inadequate Periodicity

Often Yet Never

Excessive Supposition



All Positive
At love I slip.

(That wasn't too clever, but get the following one...)

All Negative
A Vile Tangle


I don't care about anyone anymore. It has truly become too painful to be concerned for all the people and animals who are suffering in this evil world.
There is just too much suffering -- and so it has become easier for me to pretend that no one else even exists. This IS all an illusion, right?
There is just too much villainy and sadism, also. There is no possibility that this evil exists; it resembles too much a dystopian fantasy, an angry fiction written by madpeople.

Anyway, remember. If you are suffering, I don't care about you.
You don't exist.
You don't exist.


Poem. (Written yesterday.)

Semicircular Wheel

This semicircular wheel is
to spin just inwardly
Unto a distance somewhat
halved. Yes, it is to spin
Only into a length quite minimal.
And then it is
To die despite the promise
once of its progression.
Ah, its optimism was as
its emotion, was as its
Circularity mistakenly hoped
to be entire. It
Thus will rotate simply
then cease, not to
Live such a course
otherwise elongated. No,
This semicircular wheel
must pivot in its
Fraction, then it will never
more flow as
Wheels often have.
Yes, it is diminished and
Doubtful and denies the
psychoses of its shape. But
That wheel may fulfill
its suicide, however. It
Perhaps will be grand
within its half turn,
Within its malformation
made thorough, made
Semicircular but unbalanced
by this halting,
By this halted asymmetry,
by this nonconformity
Unsustained and repressed,
by this nonconformity
Truncated and yet
magnificently excessive, supposedly.




Pundit Commentator said...

Re: Can't care anymore about all the suffering in the world, I know how you feel.

RJ said...

Your artwork is very interesting.

What is the inspiration behind the works above?

Amorphous Trapezoid said...

My inspiration is a secret. heh, heh. Sorry.