Tuesday, April 26, 2011

More Fun Than Funnels

Blog post # 183:
(183 = 3*61.)

Today's pictures; made by me over the last few days, of course:

Woven Inside Semi-Coils

Disorder Of Symmetry

Theoretically Specious

(Note the title of the middle picture, "Disorder Of Symmetry", and how its name forms a dichotomy, sort of, with the name of a picture , "Equilibrium Of Asymmetry", from my last post.)


A semi-religious and mathematical anagram:

This Numerator Of Pi
For His Permutation

(Sorry for the religion... and for the math. By the way, pi has no finite numerator. Either its numerator is said to be infinite {eternal}, or it can be said not to exist at all, much like what has been said about God.)


An anagram puzzle:
(I post the answer in the comments of this post.)

Someone might benefit from "clues and clues" if that person ever...
(2 words, 5 letters and 8 letters.)


Bad joke:

What are the lips of an eel shaped like?...

An eel-lips, of course!...


Technological Regression

Okay, back in the old time days, we had what was know as a "telephone". People could talk on it and chat and tell jokes. Plus there was no need for emoticons, because most of the time (although not always, admittedly) people could understand what was meant by what was being said. ... Then some uppity scientists came along and invented "e-mail", which in a lot of ways was actually a step backwards from the telephone. E-mail was nothing more than a glorified teleprinter, after all. (And crude teleprinters predate the invention of the telephone.) Then later some more scientists came along and invented "texting". Texting was much more difficult to type than email, and it was much more expensive for the user to use. Hence, it was another backwards step in technology. Then came along the ultimate, so far, in backwards-marching technology, "Twitter". This was like texting, but with an somewhat arbitrary limit set on the number of characters one could type. So, of course it became an instant hit. What next? Will scientists in all their gall move us backwards yet again as they move us forwards, maybe invent a type of Twitter with an even smaller number of characters allowed, and, oh yeah, you have to type in Morse code? We can only dream of this brave new future so far... but not for long, I bet..


Coming up with math theorems is a lot like reading the celebrity gossip magazines (except that with math there is very little cleavage). When I discover a new math theorem, I see connections that were not obvious. I see truths that relate one thing to another in often unexpected ways. And celebrity gossip is like that too. (I admit, I read my female friend's celebrity gossip magazines on occasion.) You can see who is dating whom, which star is marrying or divorcing which other star, and which stars are in the same upcoming movies together. Yes, genius = stupidity. Who would have ever thought that?


Finally, a poem, written yesterday.

Thus The Funnel Is

A funnel ascends and flares
as it tapers; for, it
Is a strange cone abutting
that rounded triangle.
It indeed foils the
fluids' spilling, and it too
Foils my own percolation
and such purposes, ha.

Thus the funnel is remorseful
of our exaggeration
(As I am also to murder
the youthfulness of my
Own ridiculousness).
But still, this conical tube
Does converge, and
then it condenses these
Droplets into one strand
vertically falling.

Oh, I taste not the drink
flowing within it. Yet
The quenching is poisonous,
and so, it would only
Soothe my hate. Yes,
I am to kill all reality
With my waking.
Then the grand glee
Of water forced inwardly
would deny you
Any of your mirth;
it would deny me
That halted fulfillment
of its wetness or of
Its villainy curved and cursed,
as it is edgewise
Made into this, yes,
a desired but arrogant mishap.



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