Saturday, April 2, 2011

Revelation Relatively Of Realities

Blog post # 175:
(175 = 5*7*5.)

Obtusely Round

Untouched Ascension

Reality Only Ambivalent


First, poll results.

Question: Which of these is your favorite emotion?

9 votes total.

Happiness wins with 3 votes.
Love and concern get 2 votes each.
Hate and sadness get 1 vote each.
Anger, fear, hope, and apathy each get 0 votes.
And, oh yeah, humor gets no votes too.
*Because I didn't include it as a choice!*
(So, suck this, humor-lovers. I only accidently forgot to include humor.)

As for the emotions anger, hate, and sadness; if these emotions make you happy, does that mean you like anger/hate/sadness or like happiness more??


Anagram about The End:

If universe hot...
Eve of this ruin.


Initialism inspired by real events:

Controlling It All


Okay, finally a poem (written yesterday):


In 2/3 of a sphere cut inwardly,
an inadequate loop
(Made into partial string)
completes its circle.
Yet that circle is diminished
by the space within
Such a hole, is diminished by
the gap intersecting
Sphere from string.
And again, a smaller loop
Does not abut the
intermediacy before it. But it
Protrudes through the
emptiness inside the previous
String's enclosure. It
passes into the simplicity
And is knotted upon
its completion. Oh, then
There is a string held by void;
and beyond that,
A string also held so.
And the 2/3 sphere is afloat
Above a tabletop;
yet the table is ambivalent.
Yes, the table ascends
as the room too flies,
Flies in its rising from
our earth never in
Cosmic juxtaposition.
Only gravity is the
Strings between us each.
Only electromagnetism
Is the connectivity of
our atrocities, of our
Existences cut inwardly,
cut circularly,
Our existences held
(by void) but untouched.




Nanoinfinity said...

"CIA =
Controlling It All"

Cute. :3.

The other day I shared a pun-joke you made with a friend and he said "LOL :(" which is generally how I feel about puns too. Laugh, and then sad.

Amorphous Trapezoid said...

Ha. I LIVE to make people laugh then sad. Thanks for the comment.