Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Traversing All

Blog post # 174:
(174 = 2*29*3.)

Totality Turned Transformatively

Illogical Completion


Anna Graham puzzles:

1) How do I feel about the fact that "sin is dead"?
(2 words.)

2) Which direction is "old again"?
(1 word.)

(Answers at bottom of this post.)


Poem (written today):

In An Entropic Knot

Entangled in an entropic knot,
in thoughts halved
And in truths doubled,
a spiral upon a spiral
Is. The mess is hollowed
yet filled with strings and
Erroneous imagination
-- they curl and loop
And linger weirdly.

Yes, they congregate and
contemplate this hypothesis
Of scribbled swirls each unscribbled,
each formed from
Such infuriating filaments, ha.
Ah, entangled in
The pairing of spirals unequal,
there, that reality
Is eventual, despite
its causality. Entangled in
The selfishness of zeroness,
we are introspective.
For, we perceive those strands
and knots thus,
Perceive those spirals to be
inanimate but unpurposeful,
Perceive these winding existences
to be sequential
Yet summed and sometimes
multiplied, and
Sometimes strung into
such chaos, into such attachment
And complication folded as
all is tied, sometimes strung
Into our vain completion
-- therefore it is quite erosive,
Is quite an illogical mixture.


Number puzzle:

Write 1 through 9 in a 3-by-3 pattern as so:
1 2 3
4 5 6
7 8 9

Starting at any given integer in the array, move from integer to adjacent integer by going up, down, left, or right (never diagonally) after each integer. No number is visited more than once, and some numbers may be not visited at all. You can end anywhere.

The variable n first equals the number you start with.
Every time the path goes up or down, add the number you land on to n. (The number before this in the path was above or below this number.)
Every time the path goes left or right, multiply n by the number you land on. (The number before this in the path was left or right of this number.)

After you finish, the value of n should be 396.

What path did you take?

Note: If doing this on a calculator, be sure to hit = after every step, so that the calculator doesn't follow order-of-operation (which is doing multiplications before sums, which would be wrong for this puzzle).

(I don't know how many solutions there are, but I doubt there is more than one.)


Answers to anagram puzzles:

1) sad inside

2) diagonal


Leroy Quet

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