Thursday, March 24, 2011

Mentally Challenged

Blog post # 171:
(171= 3*19*3.)

Incrementally Uncounted

Grasped By Void

Meek Levitation

Unalgebraic Truth

I don't enjoy any of these pictures too much. But my favorites are the first and last.



The two phrases below are both anagrams of words that each are half of a certain dichotomy.
(Each anagram is of one word.)

What are the two words?

In gods' lute,
I dust late.

(I got the idea for an anagram puzzle from this week's Will Shortz puzzler on NPR Sunday morning. These here are my anagrams, though.)


This is a puzzle I made up.

Start with a small grid of 3-by-3 squares drawn on paper. (If you prefer, you can just make the Tic-Tac-Toe symbol, the # symbol, of 3-by-3 "cells".)

Place these integers into the grid, one integer per square/cell:
(That is 1 through 9, except with two 1's and no 8.)

But write these numbers in the squares/cells such that every row, column, and main diagonal of the grid contains exactly one integer that is the sum of the other two integers in the same row, column, or main diagonal.
(In any particular row, column, or main diagonal, the largest integer {the sum} may be any one of the 3 integers of that particular row, column, or main diagonal.)

I think I proved that all valid solutions are rotations and/or reflections of my intended solution. There are no other solutions besides these.


Here is an example, but with a different set of numbers:
Place (1,1,2,2,3,4,4,5,6) in the grid following the rules above:

A solution: (I don't know how many solutions there are to this set of numbers.)

1 4 3
4 2 2
5 6 1

(Notice that it is possible for the same number to be a sum in one direction and an addend in another.)


If Rocky was anagrammatical, he would say:

"Yo, Obnoxious!
Soon I box you."


All them crazy killers who are quiet.
"He was such a quiet boy", the neighbors always say about the mass-murderer living nearby.
Guess I'm not a dangerous threat to anyone, then.
Because I loudly scream obscenities all day!

No danger at all...



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