Saturday, March 5, 2011

Mind Entropy

Blog post # 165:
(165 = 3*5*11.)

Crystalline Breath

Geometry Encased

Unremarkably Substantive



Senses excite some;
existence seems so.

Death, not a cure, is answering...
again these uncertain words.


"Etcetera" is "Etc" etc...


I am a victim of the psychology and psychiatric establishment.

Yes, for one thing, I am now an antipsychotic/antidepressant addict.
Literally an addict.

The thing people should know before the start taking these drugs is that once you start, if for any reason you get off of them later, you will probably be worse off, psychotic-wise and emotional-wise, than if you never took them in the first place. Your brain develops a tolerance.
So, I must stay on them, despite the fact that the drugs have many side effects and that the drug-companies are EVIL.

And let me tell you about the mental hospital. Would we treat sufferers of other diseases this way, as if they are criminals? The mental-hospital life is very regimented, like prison life is; and of course it goes without saying that mental patients are locked up, most of the time against their will.

Yes, the mental hospital is a jail for the thought-criminals and the emotion-criminals.
Thinking wrong? Feeling bad?
Let's lock you up. That'll teach you!
(And never mind that many mentally ill people, who would be better off in a mental hospital even, are locked up in literal jails instead of getting treatment. That'll show you to think wrong!)

And my problem isn't just with psychiatry. Psychology too I think is mostly bunk. Even psychologists will admit that psychology is an inexact "science" (my quotes). It's really a pseudoscience, for the most part. If I read about another psychological study where the results are the exact opposite of what is obvious fact, I will scream. You can prove anything with a study, that is all that is really proved by these studies.
It's all bunk.
For, psychology is only a religion with statistics!


No poetry today!


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