Friday, March 18, 2011

Speaking Of Dimensions

Blog post # 169:
(169 = 13*13, 13 squared.)

Erased By Dripping Air

Ironic Loxodrome

Obnoxious Graciousness

(My favorite of these is Ironic Loxodrome, but not by a whole lot.)


Stupid anagram:

Say, dimensions are pi,
as pyramid sine-noise.

(But it has to do with math, so I posted it anyway, despite its stupidity.)

Another stupid anagram:

Climate Devastation
A tame devil, no static.

And another:

Quantum Physics
Mushy quips can't.

(Is this last one a sign? Probably not!)


New poll!

Which of these is your favorite emotion?



Poem, written two days ago:

Upon And Underneath

Upon the topside, underneath
the bottomside, from both
Extrema of a glassy cylinder
without circularity, the
Triangular things hang and
are attached. They do
Droop, but curve, yet are
lengthwise vertical. They are
Draped as rotation upon
and underneath. And they
Drip only air from their
downward apices. They
Drip the matter of emptiness
from their thickness,
From their thinness
represented anthropomorphically.

In that transparency of the blob
held between them,
Nothingness is obvious
and observed. Oh, I
See the void by not perceiving it.
And I know that
It is solid, intermediately placed,
and existent.

Upon and underneath
such crystalline hypotheses,
We are erased, we
are endured. But the
Triangular things are
to wrap our iridescence
And then cling to
its sloping. Yes, this
Duplication is differing
but still poised
Against those roundish edges.
And configured so
Is the connectivity of abruptness
forced smoothly, is
The connectivity of triangles
and cylinders and glass
Made oddly into
that grouping, made into that
Transformative continuousness
unnecessarily stained,
Unnecessarily a prism
of antagonism halved.



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