Saturday, March 26, 2011

Radioactive Mind

Blog post # 172:
(172 = 2*43*2.)

Psychosis Without Predicates

Of Introverted Extremes

(Obviously I like the bottom picture more, even if it isn't that great.)


Topical anagrams:

Newly radioactive
We act or vainly die.


Radiation's liars
As irrational ids



Here's a Palin-drome:

If she's elected US president, I'll be in a...

doom mood!

(Dumb, I know, but fittingly so.)


Poem. (Written today.)

Extremes Represented
Finitely But Radiantly

Neither of lemniscates nor
of butterflies, these
Paired blobs are, however,
each opposed upon a strand
Of imagined thoughts.
Oh, upon every linear expanse,
The bulbs billow and are
yet oddly asymmetrical,
Despite their balance
ideal relative to such masses.
And those wires do arc
and bend and fold; thus the
Blobs are convergent unto
their doubling. But that
Arrangement is misnumbered;
for, each pairing is
Adjacent to others as it.
Some bending, though,
Is more abrupt, and
some is more pronounced.
Yet emptiness parallels
this parallelism. And
These colors are beautifully
sustained within their
Absurdity. Neither of
magnificence nor of mediocrity
Is this configuration of
solidity's fluids. Neither
Of spheres nor of strings is
its negation, yet. And
Not of sharpness or erosion
are those strange sums,
Are those extremes
represented finitely but radiantly,
Represented as
iridescently transparent, as retroactive.



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Anna said...


Holy fuck, Leroy..

:) I'm going to be honest for you...

You're too much for my little shitty Mexican brain.


I read shit that contains the words 'fuckface, assfuck, son of a bitch, motherfucker, *slut cunt* yourmomsuckscockinhell' type of shit.

I still love you though.

Maybe when I grow up a bit more, I'll come check out your blog. You seem pretty smart (which is why I like you) so I'll have to re-read this again when I'm.. say... 55 years old or so..