Monday, March 28, 2011

Perturbed And Disturbed

Blog post # 173:
(173 = a prime, I think.)

Synonyms Perturbed

Quantum Dissonance


A stupid anagram:

The explosive tangents
These angles pivot next.


Regarding my poll: So sorry, everybody, that I neglected to include "humor" as a choice! I guess "happiness" is the next best choice, but not all humor is happy. There are probably other common emotions I neglected too.


Speaking of "humor":

Q: What's the funniest direction?

A: Ver-tickle!

Q: Why are we all so stressed?

A: It's the nature of exis-tense...


If you don't hate me now for those puns, you certainly will when I tell you...

I have two poems for you!..
(Written yesterday and today.)

Abstraction Flowing Viscously

Unspecified are these similes.
Yet such
Superstitious overlapping
is to be inconsistent,
Is to be coincidental, surely.
Oh, that tangle of
Colorful ellipsoids, it
curves and curls; but its
Exactness is therefore parted,
is thus formed
From unspecified metaphors
each perturbed. Yes,
The tangents of this are
minimal but extensive.
Rightward and leftward,
they excrete an
Enumeration quite imagistic.
Ah, undefined and
Un-depicted is every parable
implied by the
Bundling. But these
particles are lengthy. They
Are worded as synonyms,
and are spoken
As verbs. Yes,
unspecified are the
Components and the
entirety of that grouping.
Unparticular, though, is
such fluid, is such
An artificial mass congealed
but counterbalanced.
Ah, unequally placed is
this dissonance of parallelism.
But those conceptual expressions
are thick and
Are indecisively written.
They are solidly of
Their oozing, and are
perfectly of their substance,
Are perfectly of their abstraction
flowing viscously,
Flowing as fire, flowing as
opaqueness' prisms (prisms
Of amorphous glass
sans our prejudicial refraction).


Thorns Quite Spherical

A conical portrayal of betrayal
is this transparent sphere.
And such a cone is concavely bent
to be quite a crescent.
Yet, the crescent is
absurdly equal to straps.
But the straps are strangely tubes,
tubes of cylindrical
Disks also existent and real,
because they are flaps. Oh,
These flaps are spirals,
and those spirals are tilted
To be helices somewhat triangular.
Yes, the triangles
counterintuitively arc; for,
They are elliptical.
And the ellipses are cuspidate
Upon their spires, upon
their thorns quite spherical,
Quite conical and
certainly spun as every zigzag.

Oh, a conical portrayal
of betrayal bubbles and
Becomes a torus
of diagonality. But it
Is to again be its geometries,
is to be its
Trigonometries each
foreshortened and elongated.
(And still it protrudes.)
Still, it is of
Such shapelessnesses,
is of such shapes cyclically
Impossible, circularly impeded,
and incrementally infinite.



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