Tuesday, March 15, 2011

An Absurd Hell

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Energetic Inertia

Exceptions To Multiplicity

Folded Artificiality


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Question: Which alliteration is your favorite of these?

8 votes were received total.

"Trapezoidal Transvestites" received 1 vote.
"Weird Wires" received 3 votes. (The winner.)
"Perplexingly Perpendicular" received 1 vote.
"Methodical Methodists" received 1 vote.
"Symmetrical Symposium" received 0 votes.
"Maniacally Manhandled" received 0 votes.
"Dichotomous Dictators" received 0 votes.
"Metaphysical Metaphor" received 0 votes.
"Irrelevant Iridescence" received 2 votes.
And "Absurdly Abstract" received 0 votes.

I almost didn't include "Weird Wires", the winner, because the vowel sounds are different in each word.


Things are bad.

Very bad.

The other day I was telling my friend how the universe is basically a negative place, and mostly bad stuff happens more than good.
People keep saying that we should remember the small good things that happen in life. But lots of small bad things happen too, I must point out. And lots of big bad things happen too. But very few big good things happen.

Just hours after I told my friend about this, the Japanese earthquake/tsunami/major nuclear-disaster occurred.

Things in Japan are pure Hell, right now (even if you don't figure in the radiation-levels).

What will happen next to the Japanese? A 500-foot tall lizard will rise up out of the ocean and destroy Tokyo?!

It would figure.

But the Japanese disaster is nothing compared to the utter doom that soon awaits all of humanity.
TOTAL economic collapse, climate-change tipping-point, peak oil, further nuclear disasters, wars unending, unimaginable horrors. Soon it will all come to us.

But remember, stress is going to kill you, now, now, they always say.

Sure, but being killed is going to stress you out to a greater extent than the other way around.

The end IS near. It really is.


And what is the biggest sign of the Apocalypse? The fact I have two new poems for you!

(Written 2 days ago and today.)

Explosive Ascent

Without result, but with causality,
the explosive ascent
Of gasses and solids and hatred,
it all transcends
And radiates outwardly,
radiates assertively; and
Yet it is there within its origin.
There, within
The central circle of
emptiness, these
Gusts flee and angrily transit
such cosmic angles,
Transit such fiery glass
amongst us.

Yes, this blast of
paradoxical lines, it is
Flung in its expansion;
it is flung unto
That hollow reality
beyond it. It fulfills
The lust of energetic spaces.
And it
Is without resolution or
reservation. Ah,
This thing is fluid, is furious,
as it is magma.
It is metal and
imagination made. For,
The toxins combust and
betray their inertia.
They do consume us
in their suicide.
They do curse us in
their unimpressive dreams,
In their
clangorous screaming felt by
Truth, by temptation,
felt by science and divergence,
Suffered by our envelopment burning,
by our envelopment
Ascending explosively,
ascending suddenly, destroying us
In every crescendo, destroying
our finality once wondrous,
Once unsurpassed.


Folded Into Depth,
Curved Into Width

Folded into depth and
curved into width, this
Subtle flap contains its paper.
It contains the
Cloth of thin impediment.
Yet it is triangular
And asleep and round,
and its denial is precious.

Surrounding this thing
also resting horizontally,
The loops too are folded
and curved into their
Dimensions tritely creased.
They arc and hold inside them
this shape discussed.
And they both gape
upon their right and
Rotate upon their whole.
Oh, beneath that
Artificiality, circular flames
pretentiously clamor.

And above, all space is hollow,
and all madness
Is electromagnetic. Yet
between the gap, there,
Folded is an inert knife,
softly not to cut
Nor to be severed again.
It is avoided by its
Obviousness, and it is
conjured from its psychology.
But it only is absurd
regarding its inexactness,
Regarding these folds and
bends in such quartering,
In such halving unsustained
but permanently abrupt,
But permanently varied,
but perpetually plain.



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