Saturday, April 23, 2011

Unbalanced, Surely

Blog post # 182:
(182 = 2*7*13.)

Dissipation Of Convexity

Equilibrium Of Asymmetry

Distinctive Blandness

(Somebody may like my art in this post anyway, but I myself am less than euphoric about any of it.)


Anagram puzzle!

If you suffer from the "din, scant rest", then you should ...
(2 words separated by a comma, 3 letters and 9 letters)

I publish the answer in comments to this post.


[Dirty! Dirty! Warning! Warning!]

The old man is lamenting, "I keep hearing about these so-called hand-jobs. What are hand-jobs? Hand job, hand job. Is that like ... manual labor?"...


Again the old man laments, "I keep hearing about this 'sexual orientation'. Sexual orientation, sexual orientation. Is that whether the man is on top or the woman is on top?"...


Okay, the poem, and them I am out of here for today. (before I get hit upside the head for my jokes above)

Written yesterday:

Inside Palindromes
And Antipalindromes

Composing the progression
of 1's and 0's, of
Oneness and zeroness
intermingled and interwoven
Unto such lengthwiseness, ah,
I and my counterbalance
Draw both palindromes
and antipalindromes
Within the squares aligned
-- and so we are imagined
By our intent, are imagined
in an obvious game, a game
Surely horizontal and undreamt.
Oh, in that row of
sameness and opposition,
Reflections and rotations are
not to be alphabetical,
But they are numbered
as the flatnesses. And so,
They are labeled as
truth's bifurcating meaninglessness.

Yes, composing the enumerations
minimized yet diminished,
We only compute
our aggrandizing triumphs
And our essences via
the equilibrium of asymmetry, via
The disorder of symmetry
Sustained inside every
ineffectual array, sustained
Inside every palindrome
and antipalindrome
Each finitely extraneous but infinite
There aside those distances,
aside those components
Of circumstantial fulcrums
and their revelations,
And their plural repetitions
aperiodically appended.



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Amorphous Trapezoid said...

Anagram puzzle solution:

"sit, transcend".