Monday, May 2, 2011

Atrocities Of The Will

Blog post # 185:
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Dim Observation

Convincing Faultiness

Opaque Hallucination


News events suggest this possible Onion headline, if the Onion wants to use it:

Bin Laden Killed!
President Orders Flags Flown At 3/2 Staff

(And right after the flags are raised to 3/2 staff, they fly, fly away.... USA! USA!)


Orgasms = Origination Of Organisms


I have no reason to live anymore. I'm just using up resources, and I have no purpose or anything to live for or to look forward to.

But I don't want to kill myself.

Let's just say that I won't be getting any colonoscopies anytime soon, exactly, though.


Poem! Written two days ago.

Our Felonious Gods

Our felonious gods --
Our minds are the truncation
of matter, matter made
From images of dreams.
But anger is our love,
And love is but zigzags
and absurdity thus
Certain. Therefore,
hatred remains the very edifice
Of our superstitious criminality.
But we
Think of our adoration
for our own pride. Yes,
We adore those evil saints,
adore those vile
Truths never purposeful.
Ha, our felonious gods
Tell us of their own
(faulty) grandeur. And they
Threaten us with their
unacceptable extroversion.
Ah, their damnation is ours.
And our punishment
Is only horrid; yet we
are defiant of these
Mathematical tantrums.
We are to curse
This reality and betray
its libido. We are
To apathetically conjure
each injustice, conjure
Our entire cosmos from
such theses, from such
Atrocities of our wills
and their convincing.




Nanoinfinity said...

1. "Orgasms = Origination Of Organisms" I like this.

2. "I'm just using up resources, and I have no purpose or anything to live for or to look forward to."

Anonymous said...

I thought to myself while watching the news last night, holy shit, it's almost like these kids are going to start chanting U-S-A! U-S-A! And then of course, that is exactly what they did.

Holy shit.

TracyRobin said...

You're quite the writer! Thanks for sharing your gift.