Thursday, May 26, 2011


Blog post # 193:
(193 is a prime, like me, man.)

Bisected Or So Bifurcated

Unrelenting Tori

Unsightliness Transposed

Of A Protruding Gap



Thin Rainbow
An Orb Within


Vast Loop = Oval Spot


Slave Ho = Has Love


A new word (needed): "Dethink",

as in, "I will dethink that proposal, " or, "I will dethink the evil thoughts in my head".

OCD'ers, such as myself, often believe that dethinking something involves thinking hard of that something's opposite.
In any case, lots of the thoughts humanity has thought, thought which turned out to be big mistakes, definitely need to be dethought, however we are to do that.


Sorry, got to rant (again) about this:
The world fucking sucks shit, evil evil shit. (Grammar note: Shouldn't it be "fuckingly"??) Every day I am overwhelmed by all the horrible horrible news I read in the paper and on-line. (Forget TV news, though, that's all BS about nothing important.) I almost want to kill myself, the world sucks so very much. I'm sick of it here on Earth, I really am. Am I already dead and this is Hell?? Seriously.


But the GOOD news??? No poetry today!



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Anonymous said...

Maybe don't read so much news. It is depressing.

...said Adult Student