Monday, May 9, 2011

Unstable And Impure

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(188 = 2*47*2.)

Unstable Unreality

As My Impure Doubts



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If the Libyan rebels and Kadafi end up sharing their country by 'splitting' it up, then the two new countries can be called...

Libya Majora and Libya Minora....

[Note: Googling "Libya Majora" brings up 23400 hits. But Googling "Libya Minora" brings up only 545 hits, about 1/43rd as many. That's weird.
I think "Libya Majora" is more popular because Jon Stewart did something on this. Question: Should I have posted "my" joke in my blog if: (1) I came up with the joke independently, but (2) the same joke occurs all over the place on-line already (but I didn't know this before, but I know it now)? Maybe Stewart has UFO technology that enabled him to steal my joke from the future and send it to his show's writers in the past. Yeah, that's it.]


Each group of 8 times around a planet would be an...
.. orbyte!...


Poem, written yesterday:

As Two And Its Samenesses

Divided, the sphere
Is entirety and its slices.
And it is rendered
As hemispheres doubled and
as malformation opposed.
Throughout its
exterior intermediacy, a sharp disk
Multiplies and divides such a lobe.
Twice, it is to be.

Again, each hemisphere is
but the curve and
Cutting of its counterpart.
Oh, those two halves
Combine upon the
one point of their bending.
There, the disk interferes
and is that agony.

Yes, between these
segmentations, flatness is
Round, and it too severs
bulging convexity, true.
Truly, divided are the parts
of this configuration.
And as two and its samenesses,
the tableau is
Translucent but unreal.
It is only subdivided
And thus combined.
Yes, such hemispheres are
Obliquely deprived of,
though entwined in, their
Interconnection. And
they are somehow of this
Crescent wronged, are
somewhat of this parallelism
Soon to be unstable but repeated,
but un-unified.



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