Sunday, May 22, 2011

Bidirectional Thoughts

Blog post # 192:
(192 = 2*2*2*3*2*2*2.)

Suffer These Palindromes

Metallic Psychosis

Countercongruent Rot


Anagrams, for your pleasure:

A globe rises, lags.
ie. As balls or eggs.


Lord's Wisdom
Worlds So Dim


Ah, we do palindromes.
Oh, draw as lined poem.


Speaking of palindromes (and eggs)!...

Sue, kill; egg gel like us.

(Not too clever, not at all; but I wasn't trying too hard.)


Poem, written yesterday:

Stupidity Of These Palindromes

The stupidity of
these palindromes is a
Consequence made from
such unreal pencillead.
It is drawn halfway
into an inconsistent grid.
And it is arrayed as
almost every game,
And is thus unpeculiar,
and is thus stupid.

Furthermore, horizontality
defines the gambit,
Though verticality defines
our strategies lapsed.

Yet all is a stupid god, ha.
Yes, these
Palindromes are rendered
unto their determination,
Are achieved unto
their detriment. However,
Unnumbered are the particles
of that gameboard;
And unspoken is each
square either of mass or
Of counterbalance. ...
Then, then we suffer
This enumeration
difficult but algorithmic.
Yes, we stupidly triumph
in the orthogonality
Of questionable palindromes,
palindromes that we
Never reflect or misinterpret,
that we never
Foolishly conceive in any
row or column without
Its integers
except those
of equality negated.


(Note, the factorization of today's blog number is also a palindrome. Wow!)


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