Thursday, May 19, 2011

True Rot

Blog post # 191:
(191 = a prime, I believe.)

Wrongly Round

Inertia's Metamorphosis

Edgewise Zenith

Inexactly Formed Incorrectly

Vertical Circles Arcing Horizontally

(My favorite is "Inertia's Metamorphosis".)



I knit thoughts.
Thug is to think.


True Rot


Liberals' Certainty
Its Cerebral Litany


Speaking of torture; the CIA seems to be controlling everyone in a position of power, without exception.
(They DID experiment with mind-control.)

I say, the CIA controls even God's mind.

Beware. There is *no one* who can be trusted.


Now something a little lighter...

One who smooches even though they don't want to is a...
... maso-kissed!...


No poetry today! (Yay!) All the poems I have written since I last posted to this blog suck even by my standards!



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