Wednesday, May 4, 2011


Blog post # 186:
(186 = 2*31*3.)

Such Molten Consequence

Indirect Sequentiality



ESP Spiral
As Ripples

(Is this a sign from the language gods??)

A Rude Scientist
True, Rude Sadist


Blade is on a man.
Osama bin Laden



Why do bakers find it difficult to get dates?

Because they are too knead-y...


One last thing before my poem. Google is on a blog-deleting frenzy lately, either due to a faulty spam-detection program, a bug, or hacker(s).

So, read my blog while you still can!


Poem, written today:

A Puzzle Winding Indirectly

Of this puzzle, the bends
and intersections are
Disclosed, but not any more
of such a topology.
Oh, of this lattice;
the lines are rectilinear but
Orthogonally crooked upon
that mesh, upon that
Ordered game otherwise played,
upon a game otherwise
A poem made of
binary alphabetization, yes. And
I wondered if the
multiplicities and pluralities
Of these solutions were denied.
But my praise was
For my own intellect,
despite my ignorant
Illogicality. Ah, yes,
of the grid without lines
-- Although lines are
still superimposed --
Our perplexing ponderings
determine such a riddle
To be minimal, simple,
and diminished. Yet my
Puzzle is grand within
its meanderings. And it
Soon is to be formed
into potentiality's triumphs.
It soon is to be
resented by idiots and
By persons otherwise hateful
of this course through
Squares arranged amongst
squares, arranged
Into puzzles
winding indirectly, winding
Unobviously around their
lack of nonexistence,
Winding around our lack
of ambiguous pathways each
Never diagonal, around our
lack of pathways never
Confounding, never
exceeding their sequentiality.




Anonymous said...

are you a research scholar?

Amorphous Trapezoid said...

Sorry, not really.

TracyRobin said...

Wow, that's intricate! Gotta read more!

The Quiet Riot said...

First, my friend, why do I have to stay on topic???
Love the molten with spider image. Have a sinus headache, so the poem was out today. How are things in your world?

Anonymous said...

the way you are into maths gives such an impression!
what do you do?

Anonymous said...

Xjev ot vji sami vjev ipdufit vjot raitvoup?

is there a way to decode it??how do you do it?

Amorphous Trapezoid said...

I'll just say the decoded statement is: "What is the rule that encodes this question?"