Thursday, December 30, 2010

Ridiculously Residual

Blog post # 146:

Glassy Levitation

Triumph Of Insignificance

Residually Voluminous


New poll.

Which of these intrigues you most?

1) A glossy brain.
2) A butterfly with 3 wings.
3) Blurry nothingness.
4) Words of phosphorous.
5) Paradoxical sewage.
6) Semicircular immortality.
7) Unsurreal radioactivity.


Two poems, written two days ago and today:

Conforming Shapes Of
Every Pairing

Formed outwardly and
radially elongated, the spreading
Images are here within their thorn,
are there amongst
A spike diagonally vertical and
sharply upright.
But relatively adjacent,
upon each symmetrical pivot
Placed alongside,
a sphere is covered too in
This expansion. Yet
these twin origins inside both
Cone and ellipsoid, they
do not imply such space,
Nor do they bend.
.... Those landscapes quite
Anagrammatical yet never
palindromic, we doubt
Their ridiculousness,
although we still draw
Their triangles and circles:
none of nothingness,
None of beauty. Oh, we
spite those conforming shapes
Of every pairing. Indeed,
we must scribe their
Thicknesses into a flatness
outstretched and
Concave, into a shallow uneasiness
surely cliche,
Surely plagiarized,
and certainly formed outwardly
From truth's absurd bifurcations.


Tangential Insignificance

Tangential insignificances
flee as flaps and bulbs
From that triangle curved and
paired with its dual
About 3/4 the circle,
about the entirety of a sphere
Both glassy and
metallically unexpressed.
But their only residual existence
is the sloping
Of an arc, downwardly and
rightward as not
Anything other than
tangential insignificance.

Such voluminous flatness
barely coils, yet it
Only oscillates but never. Such
Semicircular emptiness
does partially wrap
This accumulation of
opaqueness about the
Very translucency of
transcendence surely
Artificial, surely angered
by its own successes.

Oh, this encirclement is
quite a ridiculous
Course. But
it appears to be too round,
Although its triangularity is
dichotomous and
Pinched at the inner neck of
its apexes, apexes
Each conjoining and
themselves insignificant,
Themselves tangential
but supremely bidirectional,
But supremely tending unto
the one narrowness of
That coinciding divide.



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