Friday, December 24, 2010

Ascertained By Imbeciles

Blog post # 144:

Radioactive Roundnesses

Opaque But Not Transparent

Unraveling Orthogonalities


No, I don't celebrate Christmas. The only reason that Christmas is even a big deal in the first place -- more so than other Christian holidays or than any non-Christian holidays -- is because many Christian kids received presents as kids. The happy associated associations linger. Emotional impact -- kaboom!

But talk of Christmas is not what we all came here for. No, we came here for ANAGRAMS!

"Christmas" is an anagram of "shirt scam", because, I imagine, lots of people get shirts as presents they then return, hopefully for cash. Also, it is an anagram of "crams shit", because, I imagine, we cram ourself with lots of food (which becomes...), and cram lots of useless stuff under the tree and into boxes.

(Figured those out in my head, I did.)


Word Puzzle:

Okay, you have a 5-letter word. Remove the last letter, then change the 4th letter (now the last letter) to the letter next in the alphabet. Append to the beginning of these 4 letters a new letter (which could be any letter). So, again, we have a 5-letter word. The second (newest) word represents something that is made up of a *specific* finite number of what the first (oldest) word represents. What are the two words?

I don't know how many correct answers there are. There is at least one correct answer, though. And it may be very easily found.

Clue: (Thing represented by second word) divided by
(Thing represented by first word) =


(Follow order of operation.)


Lastly, the poem I wrote today:
(Why, Leroy?! Why??)
(Because I'm a sadist.)

Upwardly And Downwardly

Dichotomously upwardly cuspidate,
downwardly drooping,
These items of orthogonalities known,
they protrude
At bipolar angles,
juxtaposed with their opposition,
With their counterbalance
shaped as such unraveling.

And these quasi-annuli,
these semicircles thickly thin,
They grasp that spheroid --
oh, it is not contained.
They bifurcate slightly and
hold the one bulb, the bulb
Within those psychotic polyhedra
all themselves
Afloat both
vertically and horizontally, both
Upwardly and downwardly,
becoming imperfect.
Then we falsely assume
them to be diagonal, rightly
Assume them to be
intuitively enumerated by this pairing
Of upheaval falling,
failing, and beautiful.

For, in the pathways
of derived exception,
The tangents also bend and
extend unto antipodes.
They superimpose solitude
onto singularity.
Then they are halved
via duplication, via
Multiples of lines and forms
Yet explicitly created
into two's, created into
Numbers each even,
each minimized, both
neither being of inflection or
Of any plural doppelgangers



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