Thursday, December 16, 2010

A Rad Pox... Paradox

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Variations Otherwise

Downfall Of Loxodromes


Super-duper anagram!

"Oh, science topples galaxies."
"Alas, logic pops existence, eh."

Is this anagram a sign that the universe as we know it is just an illusion? Will science or logic be able to "topple" our perceptions of reality?

I know this anagram is somewhat lame because of the appearance of the words "oh,", "eh", and even "alas" in it. But still, I find it interesting that our language would seem to align so as to allow this pair of related phrases to happen to be anagrams of each other.


Another small anagram.

"A rad pox"

("Rad" means cool {for those of you unfamiliar with 80's slang}, as in "RADical, man! Hey, dude, that's rad!")


I am concerned that what I perceive to be reality is only an illusion.

Okay, I WANT all things to only be an illusion when it comes to mass-suffering, such as that suffering in, Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan or Haiti or elsewhere. Wouldn't it be nice if the Neo-Nazi revisionists were correct, and the Holocaust didn't really happen? (And, oh yeah, the Neo-Nazis don't exist either!)

But... I want things to be real when it comes to small personal things in my life -- such as my cat, and my art, my friends and family. (I really don't want the truth of reality to be that I am still a virgin because I was only dreaming when I thought I got some.)

But how selfish is that? Am I willing, if it was somehow up to me if things are real or not (which I don't think it is, anyway), to make all things real just for my cat's sake and my art's sake, if making things real would mean the mass-suffering of billions of people?


No poem today! Yay!



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