Monday, December 27, 2010

Eternal Intermittency

Blog post # 145:

Intermittent Obviousness

An Imprecise Psychosis

Semielliptical Inertia

Dully Into Sharpness


Oh, let us prey... I mean pray..

So, I decided (on Christmas, of all days) to come up with an anagram that sounds like something you might read in one of those Christian pamphlets the Born-Again Christians leave all over town.

So, here goes. (Please, forgive me..)

Jesus Christ is Heaven's oil.
Sin? His justice shares love.

(Holy anagram, Batman!)


The two polls I have had have closed.

Both polls each received 8 votes.

Poll # 1:

If GW Bush and BH Obama got in a fight, who would win?

Both presidents each received 4 votes.
A tie.


Poll # 2:

What is the root of all evil?

Money received 2 votes. (That's 2 for the money...)

Receiving 1 vote each:
Free will, Mankind, The Mind, Conservatives, God, and Something Else.

Receiving 0 votes each:
Sex, Pleasure, Progressives, Devil, Everything, There Is No Evil.

Thanks to everyone who voted!


One poem, written a couple days ago:

This Rope

The strange strip of strings
arcs as a quarter-circle.
Then upon its downfall,
it reflects rightward
Just somewhat, ah,
then reflects leftward
To orbit the orb between it
and its previousness.
And it is momentarily
a triangle-like loop.
It is temporarily intermittent.
Yet it glistens
Of color and such blandness
beautifully coiled.
It glistens of the
fibrous truths intermingled
With its course bouncing twice.
Yes, it
Impurely is the roundness
of hollow triangles.
It is imprecisely the
strands of their own
Severing. And it is
obscured at its termini,
Yet it is obvious at
its stillness. For,
This rope is spun
from my concerns. And
It is woven from
my bending imagination.
It is woven from the
topologies of psychoses, from
The cloth of
hypothetical chemicals. Then it
Is wound unjustifiably about
such revocation,
About such wiggling of
helices strung consistently,
Strung as these wires
of weirdness' potential.



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