Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Dire Happiness

Blog post # 143:

I am not really happy about any of these pictures made over the last 5 days.

This Reverberant Cliche

Emblematic Seeping

Somewhat Such Loci

Dimensions Not Probable

Portions Of Ambivalence


Okay, the anagram for today.

The dire goons
There is no god.

(Maybe someone should have a band called The Dire Goons, in honor of the anagram.)


You only THINK you are happy,

they say. But, excuse me, but by the very mental nature of happiness, aren't you really happy if you simply think you are!?!?

I Googled the phrase in question, and it seems that other people also realize the situation here. That's good. I'm not crazy (about this, anyway.)

But... craziness is usually the opposite of happiness, in the sense that if you think you are crazy, then you are not. And if you think you are not crazy, then you are.... except if you think you are crazy, and you are, or if you think you are not crazy, and you are not.

I only THINK I am confused by my own mental ramblings...
(But I really understand completely... I think.)


One poem today; written two days ago.

Disregarded Quadrature

The gaping cone is
inanimate and inert. Its apex is
Upon its underside. And
its curvature is angular. Yet
Within its mouth, a thin disk
tilts somewhat. And
Against this, just at the rim,
a pointed circle,
A flap held at its one fulcrum,
it partially ascends
And also barely touches
the loci beneath.

Oh, from disk and flap,
prongs descend diagonally. Their
rotation parallels the cone's.
However, their
Bulbousness is lengthwise
but still slender.

And from the
formulae and forms within it,
A thick thread wanders
unto the right. From it,
again, two more prongs
also both imply
Their direction
leftward and downwardly.

Oh, the cone is
adroitly abstract and is
Absolutely additive. But
it remains stagnant
Inside its exterior.
And its hollowness is hidden,
Aside from that
roundness above, except regarding
Such disregarded quadrature
simply and substantially



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