Friday, December 3, 2010

A Loser And His Obscenity

Blog post # 136:

Nonadjacent Finitude

A Particular Variable




Appropriate, huh?


Since we are putting people down here (in the above case, myself), then I will post my new put-down phrase:

[Warning, obscene! Warning, obscene!]


As in, "You are a shit-whore". (To be used against a woman or a man.)

A shit-whore is someone who fucks just for some shit to eat. Like "crack-whore", but with shit instead of crack.


Okay, if that didn't offend you, this will...
Two poems!

Loops Of Elongation
And Postulation

Loops do not arouse their
indentations again. But they
Do become hermaphroditic
and yet astigmatic;
They do impose cusps
upwardly horizontal and
Vertically elliptical, surely.
The loops do indeed
Truncate at their bisection.
And as such
Flaps floating, they coil and
descend so as to
Loop and be severed
by vain knives. Ha,
These tangled crests become
their ooze. However,
They are ambidextrous and
may be shaped into shards
Of robust congruence.
The loops, they are
Halved but never
segmented; for, they are
Contiguous within each,
yet are differing
Within their non-adjacency.
Oh, they string
Strands somewhat about
their forefronts.
But these loops of
elongation and postulation are
Finite, yes, yet inert. Oh,
they run from
Front to back, center to left
towards center.
And they bend as
conjecture around such
An axis, around such an apex,
All intersection rising viciously,
All intermediacy overwhelming.



Unobscured via the
line's endpoints, another
Flat edge connects to a
severed dot. Then
Two dots are drawn again
upon their truth,
Upon the unobscured page
itself never hidden,
Never placed behind reality
or its dissonances.

Oh, unobscured are those
straightnesses forming
A serpentine progression
mostly angular. And
The wiggled sums of
lengthwise mathematics
Are vainly counted,
but yet so continue.

Oh, we do not number
the infinitesimals
In this game,
a game particularly careless. But
The points are still
just integers. And the
Lines are still only geometric.
However, the
Surface of this paper is unreal.
It is quite
A complicated composition
simplistically devised.
Yes, this game is unobscured
beneath our
Mentality and its variables,
is unobscured
Above such a
detachment of points
And dimensions
extraordinarily inflected,
Extraordinarily strategic
and thusly singular.



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