Sunday, December 5, 2010

Dissonant Science

Blog post # 137:

Dissonances Of Sums

Tranquil Contortion


Anagram time!

All is a geometric logarithm science.
It is an electric slice hologram game.


Either "God" doesn't really care if we "say His name in vain", or God isn't really that smart at all, or God doesn't even exist. Proof: Nobody would ever bother to say God's name in vain if God simply left that commandment of out the Big 10. The only reason anybody ever says God's name in vain in the first place is that God supposedly told us that doing so is forbidden. So, what God REALLY doesn't want us to say is left out of the 10 Commandments, if God is smart. So, assuming that God is real and smart, what do you think God REALLY doesn't want us to say in vain?


Do you ever wonder why so many losers buy lottery tickets? Why is it that the super-poor and the mentally challenged are more likely to play the lottery than the rest of us? You would think that these people would have learned that luck is not on their side!

I don't play the lottery, though, even though I myself am poor and stupid.
I am afraid of losing, of course.
But I am also afraid of winning the lottery. Fuck that stress. I guess I am SO lazy and stress-avoiding that I don't even want to deal with winning the lottery!


Okay, one poem. Written today.

Spheres Squeezed And Then Cut

A single semi-spheroid ascends,
but yet it is still.
Its flatness protrudes upwardly
to be ascertained.
And its roundness
convexly droops, yes, towards
The sharpness of solitude. Upon.
One quarter-spheroid,
Its weird corner is positioned
within unintended
Balance. Ah, resting upon
that fulcrum, the
Curvature of such is
before us, although it
Is obscured by its
translucency. Oh, upon
The perpendicular radius
of that half-ellipsoid, a
Wedge above connects
onto just this surface.
And its angle is oblique
but somewhat circular.

Yes, the stagnant
irregularity that is
The hallucination, it
explodes from unconsidered
Exteriors of partitioned orbs.
Yet, as fins
And loops,
the expanse is blunt but
Severed. Yet, as spheres
squeezed and then
Cut into incremental segmentation,
this ambiguity
Regards that vision as
simply inarticulate.
Yes, of semi-spheroid
and fourth-spheroid,
Only amnesia is remembered.
Only these reciprocals
Are recreated, then creased,
then shattered,
Then originated.



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